Have you ever wanted your life to be more like a video game?

With personalized player profiles providing detailed experience analytics you can earn points, challenge friends, and collect rewards in a completely new medium where the physical world meets the digital.

Earn Achievements

Doing something awesome should earn you something awesome.

Collect Rewards

Real rewards for real experiences.

Level Up

Rank is important so every activity has their own.

Wager Points

Make things a little more interesting.

Track segments and time your routes

Challenge Courses will never be the same.

Career History

Every visit and activity is saved in your player profile.

Player Profiles

All of your experiential info in one central location going with you from your favorite LaserTag Facility to the best Karting track in town and everything in between.

Digital Personas

Player profiles with customizable avatars and gamer tags allow your digital persona to follow you between locations, activities, or experiences and grow with you over time.

Paperless Waivers

Tired of filling out a waiver or creating a new account every time you or your kids go to do something fun? Your Fiero account will allow you to seamlessly create new accounts and sign waivers at locations with the click of a button whether onsite or remote.

Rival Tracking

You know how it always feels like there is one person who has your number whenever you are playing a game? Now you will know who your top rivals are in every activity so you can track it and challenge them.


Want to know how you stack up against the competition? We track everything and make it available to you so you can show your friends who’s at the top… or the bottom…

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