Overview: Slidewaters is a 10-acre water park located in Chelan Washington that sees over 120,000 visitors every summer. Since 1983, Slidewaters has been providing their customers with breathtaking views, entertaining pools and slides, and memorable experiences for the whole family. Slidewaters operates 14 slides, a lazy river, enormous hot tub, full kitchen, and retail store. Coming Spring 2019, Slidewaters will be opening a 16-meter wide deep water stationary surfing wave.

Online Booking: These days customers expect online booking for the convenience of skipping lines or for reserving tickets before they are no longer available. Online booking allows Express Entry with the ability to scan a barcode to enter the park.

All in one System: Historically, like most other parks their size, Slidewaters has been attempting to operate with many different software solutions that are not connected in order to meet demands, but with less than seamless results. Before High Trek POS, they used 4 main systems: a POS for monetary transactions, a season pass app for customer management, a third party online ticketing solution, and a calendar for pavilion and group visits. However, now with the High Trek POS, they have been able to satisfy all of their needs for online booking, gift cards, season passes, ticketing, rentals, reservations, food & beverage, CRM, cashless payments, and more using a single integrated solution. No more integrating transaction data or customer information from one system into another because all the transactions, customer data, operational details, and product information is consolidated into a centralized system.

No Software to Install or Maintain, Simple Administration: Since HT POS requires only a Chrome web browser, there is no complicated software install on each computer or updates to maintain the software. Since the software is hosted in the cloud you can simply

administer all of your terminals from anywhere. Make changes from one terminal to your product offering, pricing, or operating hours, and all changes will be rolled out to all of the terminals in that location.

Simple Touch Interface and Dynamic Configuration: The simple interface makes navigating through the software easy and has reduced mistakes as well as the amount of time required to train employees. The use of barcode scanners and rfid readers also make things easier for the customers as well as the employees.

Create Custom Terminal Types for different parts and functions of the park: Button Layouts, Item Selection, and POS features can be configured differently for Gate/Admissions, Food and Beverage, Merchandise Store, and any other function you may desire. You have an unlimited number of Terminal Types and unlimited number of terminals are allowed.

Kitchen Operations: When Slidewaters implemented the High Trek POS software in their facility they found great improvements in their Food and Beverage operations. The ability to layout their menus and screens in a way that worked best for them was a great improvement and allowed them to get increased efficiency out of their order takers. With the ability to to special orders, print to a central printer for the kitchen, and to be able to accept cashless payments were all enhancements to increase their business.

Whether you are offering custom wood fire baked pizzas or burgers built to order, the software can take the custom order to insure accuracy of the preparation by the kitchen staff.

Speed and Operational Efficiencies: Everyone knows time is money so having a system that works well and is continually being optimized and improved to maximize operations is critical. After implementing High Trek POS, Slidewaters saw their average transaction time decrease, the throughput for all lines increased (Gate and Food & Beverage), delays in system “thinking time” disappeared, and credit card processing time was cut in half. The result was more revenue and improved customer experience due to shorter wait times.

Cabana Rentals: Historically, Slidewaters did not rent out their Cabana’s or picnic shelters and these areas in the park were available on a first come basis. Now with the addition of the High Trek POS software they now have the ability to generate new revenue through allowing their customers to book these areas in advance online. With the ability to book capacity based resources by full-day, half-day, or even down to a 30 minute interval they can ensure their customers satisfaction and maximize their revenue opportunities.

Season Pass Functionality: High Trek POS, has enabled an incredible amount of functionality for their best customers. Through the sales and management of seasons passes, Slidewaters is able to organize and manage their season passes in family groups. Season passes allow the gate to capture a photo of the pass holder on their first entry and allows photo verification on return visits.

Season Pass holders have the ability to enter with RFID bracelets or simply providing their Last Name, or phone number for quick search. Season Pass customers also have the ability to add funds to their account to enable the convenience of not having to carry cash or credit cards around the park for when they want to purchase food, goods, or services. Since all terminals in the park are connected and have access to their account balance. Parents of teenagers particularly love the ability to drop off their kids for the day with the comfort of knowing their children don’t need to carry around cash to purchase lunch or snacks for the day. The software also allows Slidewaters to configure special benefits for Season Pass Holders (SPHs) or other Customer Classifications they designate. For example, Slidewaters has the ability to offer all SPHs a 10% off F&B purchases, 15% off retail as well as provide them with exclusive discounts on their surf attractions.

Affordable Single Subscription Cost: Slidewaters was able to eliminate online ticketing fees from a system that was taking a significant percentage of each ticket. Some companies accomplish this with charging convenience fees like Ticketmaster and Fareharbor, claiming that you are not paying the fees, the customer is. However, we all know that doesn’t work out because if the customer is willing to pay a $2 transaction fee which represents 5-10% of the ticket price then we should be charging more for each ticket. Imagine adding 5-10% of your gross revenue to your bottom line profit. Our pricing is determined by your estimated annual volume and can be as low as 0.5% of your gross revenue. You have one fixed monthly subscription fee that will not change over the course of the year. For seasonal businesses we can adjust your fee structure accordingly, minimizing liabilities during off-peak months. High Trek POS will be able to stay inside your budget and deliver a solution for the same cost or less than what you are paying for your current solution.

Support and Understanding of Business Needs: In the past, Slidewaters struggled dealing with a retail oriented POS that had sales and help desk problems. Questions that they couldn’t answer went to the developers and sometimes they took months to be addressed. Working with a nimble company that only has a desire to stay in the entertainment industry, gives the product a focused efficiency around the unique operational requirements of amusement businesses.