Introducing Smart Course Technology by High Trek Adventures and

Purpose: The goal is to inject technology into ropes courses and adventure parks to add gamification components and operational efficiencies to the industry.

How does it work? On every platform there is a small box containing some electronics that are used to collect data about the participant’s activity at that platform. Each participant will have a small bluetooth beacon attached to their harness about the size of a quarter. As the participants navigate through the course the sensors will collect the locations that the participants visit. All this information is collected and transmitted back to a centralized system over a wireless network.

The data is then compiled and analyzed to provide the participant and the business with a detailed report of the obstacles that were traversed, the total distance and elevation traveled, and achievements for completing activities like all of the green obstacles on the course.

What are the Smart Course benefits?


  • Record digital metrics
  • Quantify digital achievements
  • Share metrics and milestones
  • Promote remaining obstacles and goals
  • Encourage repeat business and advancement.
  • Provide Rewards for achievements
  • Encourage friendly competition and social sharing
  • Leaderboards

Photo & Video Capture

  • Capturing of Videos linked to the participants profile
  • In course & venue photo booths. Provide self-service photo opportunities in difficult hard to reach places
  • Upsell opportunities of video and photos
  • Social sharing opportunities of photos

Sales & Marketing

  • Promote remaining obstacles and goals
  • Encourage repeat business and advancement.
  • Transactional emails to communicate customers with new achievement options and status of their progress.
  • Connect to the platform to connect your venue to a network of other entertainment facilities.

Operational Functionality:

  • Track participant time on course
  • Metrics on actual usage and cycles on each element on course
  • Access control and reader board for participants and staff to view remaining time on course How Much does it cost?

Fully installed the smart course will cost about $250-$500 fully installed per transition platform on your course. The price goes down with volume. Larger courses with 60-100 platforms will be on the lower end of the cost range and small courses with 20 or fewer platforms will be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Come Find out more at the ACCT Conference. Ask about the “Smart Course” or ask for Brad Halbach at the Aerial Adventure Tech Booth in the Exhibition Hall.